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benchmarks in Sullivan County’s sustainability progress

2018 At the start of the year SASD met with the director of the Monticello Evergreen Housing Project and the Monticello Housing Authority to propose a community garden at Evergreen. The Garden proposal was approved with the help of an Evergreen community member. SASD began to secure local, village and county endorsements and secured 3 grants to begin to the gardens development. The remainder of year was spent building out the garden space project came to fruition providing engagement for the community and sustainable food practices.

2017 SASD continued to work with the Energy Democracy Alliance (EDA) to shape NY State policies and laws.

SASD secured a North Star Fund Grant to Nurture Young Future Farmers and give young farmers an opportunity to create and manage a plot of land at Apple Pond Farm. The produce yield’s that resulted from the grant, was harvested from their plots and sold locally.

Additionally SASD continued to explore the formation os a local Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) in the County.

2016  SASD advocates for creation os a county-wide Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) through presentations to villages and towns in the county to inform on benefits of CCA.

SASD continued to staff the County’s Office of Sustainability and consult on various renewable energy and sustainable endeavors. As a member of the Energy Democracy Alliance, SASD worked on shaping the state policy and laws on renewable energy, sustainability, and served as a voice for low & middle income families.

2015  The county passed Resolution 262-2015 and resolution 349-2015 in support of SASD’s application and petition to the PSC to form a countywide CCA as a demonstration project under the PSC’s REV initiative.

2014 SASD completed the Sullivan County Climate Action Plan, which the County legislature voted unanimously to accept. The Plan sets specific targets for GHG reduction in county operations and outlines specific goals and strategies for energy, transportation, materials management, land and water use, emergency management and public health.

The County signed an agreement with Solar City to develop a 2MW solar installation through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) at the County’s Public Health and Community Services campus in Liberty.

2013  The county legislature’s Agriculture and Sustainable Policy Committee approved the formation of an informal “Interdepartmental Sustainability Working Group” to collaborate on the development of shovel-ready projects to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in county operations while addressing the pressing needs of the County Department of Public Works. The Working Group includes staff of the Divisions of Public Works and Planning, the SC Department of Grants Administration, and staff of SASD acting as advisors.

SASD assembled an inventory of County-owned properties with significant solar resources.

2012 SASD presented a Roadmap for Climate Action Planning for Sullivan County, outlining a rationale and work plan for fulfillment of County Resolution 53-10, the Climate Smart Communities Pledge. The Legislature subsequently adopted Res. 140-12 to create the Climate Action Planning Advisory Board, and appointed 15 Sullivan County residents to serve on the Board, with administrative support from SASD.

The County installed a 49.92kW photovoltaic system at the Robert B. Travis Building on the County’s Public Health campus in Liberty New York. During its first year of operation the system produced 80,000 kWh of electricity and saved the County $8,000 in electricity costs

2011 SASD launched an in-depth analysis of County buildings and facilities and review of existing energy audits to identify cost saving measures; began a County-wide information campaign for Green Jobs-Green NY home energy audits and retrofits through NYSERDA, funded through the American Recovery and Investment Act; and SASD staff co-chaired the MidHudson Regional Sustainability Planning Consortium Energy Working Group.

2010 The county adopted Res. 53-10, the Climate Smart Communities Pledge, and subsequently joined the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), now known as ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability.

2009 The County installed a 15kW photovoltaic system at the Mobility Management Center in the Town of Bethel, New York.
The County established a Sustainability Policy Committee through L.L. No. 8-2009 to address:

  • Sustainable principles, practices and technologies in future county facilities.

  • “Green” building standards, renewable energy, and other “best practices.”

  • Sustainable policies in current county facilities.

  • County fleet review of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles.

  • Environmental health and sustainable practices of the Department of Public Health.

  • Benchmarks for measuring progress on sustainability goals.

  • Oversight of external education of sustainability policies

The legislature adopted Resolution 225-09 to contract with Sullivan Alliance for Sustainable Development (SASD), a County-based 501(c)(3), to provide consultation to the Sullivan County Office of Sustainable Energy (OSE) on energy management and sustainability policy for further implementation of the County’s “Green Vision.”

2008  The County adopted Resolution 343-08 directing the County Manager to establish an Office of Sustainable Energy (OSE) to:

  • Develop administrative directives to reduce the County’s energy consumption in all county facilities, and those policies shall assist the county with the realization of maximizing the potential savings in utility costs, and to reduce the county’s overall carbon footprint.

  • Recommend measures for renewable energy generation for County facilities.

2007 The County Charter was amended to “follow and adhere to sustainable energy and sound environmental principles and processes in all of its policies and operations.”

The County legislature adopted Resolution 429-07, the County’s Green Vision Statement, which included commitments to:

  • Promote energy efficiency and resource conservation by requiring future County facilities to meet LEED or equivalent sustainable principles, practices and technologies.

  • Provide technical assistance and education to municipalities regarding green building standards, renewable energy, and other best practices.

  • Operate county buildings in a sustainable manner, conduct regular energy audits, decrease energy needs, increase energy efficiency, encourage alternative energy production.

  • Establish benchmarks for measuring the County’s progress on sustainability goals, review the benchmarks annually and modify them to reflect progress and appropriate changes.

  • Develop incentive programs with the Sullivan County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) to encourage sustainable industries and projects.

  • Coordinate with the Sullivan County Division of Health and Family Services to identify areas where environmental health and sustainable practices can be incorporated into their mission, educational programs and service delivery plan.

2005  The Sullivan County Division of Planning and Environmental Management introduced the Sullivan 2020 initiative and published the Sullivan 2020 Toolbox, which addressed needs, set goals and objectives, and outlined best practices for land and water use, farmland protection, forestry, zoning, parks and recreation, information technology, composting, recycling, emergency management, housing, historic preservation, revitalization of villages and hamlets, diversification of agriculture, workforce development, tourism, arts and cultural development, facilities planning and health and human services.

The County commissioned a study of wind resources by Sustainable Energy Developments, of Ontario, NY. The study, entitled Market Assessment for Wind Energy in Sullivan County NY, is available on the SC Division of Planning and Environmental Management web page.